The Immersive Technology Stack. 2024.

A suite of products designed exclusively for real estate developers, project owners and marketing agencies. Available individually or in custom packages, each product transforms how buildings speak and what their buyers see. This is the opportunity to reimagine the nature, the very spirit, of space.

Immersive Passage

Transport your audience, instantly, into the heart of the project. Surround them in its setting, the defining quality. Reconfigured around a particular theme or target demographic, it carries them through space, makes them a part of it, and captivates them.

Holographic Host

Shoot pre-recorded or live videos using digital reproductions of your brand ambassador, influencers and team to host, pitch or train. They are your audience’s constant companion interacting, informing, engaging, and selling, from anywhere in the world.

Immersive Theatre

Recreate an entire 360-degree environment that begins and ends with your audience. Surround your audience in your renderings. Place them into parks, streetscapes and interiors. The further they go into the grand design the more is revealed to them in the finest detail.

Main Selling Area

Project the lifestyle around your landmark community. Show your audience that these walls do not contain interiors, they release them. So, each can gaze out from their balcony, tour the amenities, walk the neighbourhood’s streets—look into the future, and their place in it.

Touch and Design

Give your audience complete control with a single touch. The ability to select, arrange and rearrange the features and finishes within their suite and see the results, instantly. The configuration tool offers endless combinations and iterations that they can save, share and move to purchase.

Floor Display

Stretch the space, add new depths, richer dimensions. Offer your audience visual cues to navigate the experience or place them within it. Instead of being confronted by an image or floorplan, they are complemented by it, and walk new interiors.

Looking Glass

Switch the windows on, turn glass into a canvas of infinite variations and endless designs. During the day, a partition that divides or an accent that unites. At night, an engine of brand awareness and mass appeal, turning inactive space animate. The surface is transparent, the design invisible, but the display is always in full colour. 24/7.

Outdoor Touchscreen

Install a permanent point of contact outside the space, so even when it’s closed, your audience can explore the community, register, reserve appointments and download project assets. No gesture goes unnoticed. No visit goes unrewarded.

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